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Communicating with Let's Learn English

The Internet is all about communication, which is also what learning a language is all about. Social networking means that using the Web to communicate with family and friends, and to make new friends and acquaintances is an integral part of what being online is all about. Let's Learn English manages this, whilst also enabling teachers to utilise being connected to help students in class and at home. Our Communications centre features a digital corkboard that administrators can use to communicate with teachers and students, which teachers can use to contact other teachers and students, and which students can use to communicate with other students or their teacher. This communication can be as simple as a message from the administrator telling the students about a social activity at the school, or can be a homework assignment given by the teacher to the students. Word documents or pdfs can be pinned to the corkboard for students to print off or complete online and send back to the teacher digitally. Links to videos or news stories bring the whole World Wide Web into play for use academically or just for fun, and with a little imagination, projects become much more dynamic, with students able to send in videos or photos for sharing with the teacher or other students as part of their studies.

Studying with Let's Learn English

Students have access to an unequalled range of materials on Let's Learn English. With all levels covered, from A1- to C2, students can study grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and pronunciation in the main study area. Unlike other similar VLEs, the Let's Learn English team mark students' writing and speaking activities by hand, and there is no extra charge. Those interested in business English will find a wealth of materials here as well, with more arriving every month. Students taking any of the major ELT exams can study for them too, with preparation and practice on Cambridge exams, including IELTS, as well as the American exams TOEFL and TOEIC. We respond to schools' requests for new content, and can have bespoke materials uploaded onto the database for your students to access within days.

Teaching with Let's Learn English

There's no point in investing in a library of materials that teachers don't use. With precious time outside the classroom often taken up by marking student work, or planning for future lessons, teachers just don't have time to spend fifteen minutes wading through endless menus, looking for something to give their students which bears some relation to what they are doing in class. One of the main reasons teachers like using Let's Learn English, is because it was designed, from the bottom up, by teachers, with teachers in mind. We have cut out unnecessary clutter to give your teachers a streamlined path to exercises which dovetail with what they are doing in class. Our Course books section lists all main course books from main ELT publishers. We have explored them and cross-referenced the materials in each unit of each course book to units in our database of activities. This means that teachers can find the course book unit that they are doing in class in seconds, and find a unit that covers the same or similar ground to this in our database. For administrators, it means you are not tied to using online resources which are restricted to the course books of one particular publisher. Our Virtual Learning Environment frees up the range of publishers from which you can choose your materials, confident of knowing that, whichever you choose, we'll have it covered.

Rebranding Let's Learn English

Creating a bespoke, rebranded version of the Let's Learn English platform is very straightforward. We take your images and colour-scheme, and, working with you, create a version of Let's Learn English that looks identical to the rest of your site. Minor changes and tweaks can be made to certain areas of the original site to suit the needs of your market. Then you simply add a link to your main site, which takes you to the e-learning centre. Voila!

Administering Let's Learn English

Administrators have an access all areas pass, which allows them to see their students' and teachers' accounts, and place students in classes with teachers. An extensive reporting facility allows them to see how their students have progressed over different time periods, and can be used to compare student performance over time, or compare students within the same class. Reports can be printed or exported to spreadsheets or other formats. We are not the only company that offer a Virtual Learning Environment to schools and other educational institutions. However, we'd like to think that deciding to use us as opposed to other similar sites, will involve a lot less time on your part in terms of training days and administrative headaches involving different computer systems working in tandem with each other. Schools that have used Let's Learn English have found that they can be up and running within 24 hours of making a decision to work with us. We are always on hand through Skype to help with administrative or pedagogical issues, and have produced short, easy-to-follow video guides for schools on the different aspects of our site, enabling you to make the most of our collaboration as easily as possible.

Adding or Editing a Course on "Lets Learn English"

How to add a new course - or edit an existing one - on the "Let's Learn English website" -

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A brief overview/tutorial on sime of the facilities on the teachers' administration menu of Part 1 or 2

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Study Centre

Introducing the students' Study Centre of the website. Unique features for schools, businesses and individuals. Learn English online with us.

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