Video walkthrough guides

Use these guides to learn how to manage various aspects of the Let's Learn English platform.
Regardless of whether you use a rebranded portal or not, you should be able to shadow these guides, ie you open a window in your preferred Internet browser, and play and pause the video while you perform the same tasks on your computer.
There are eighteen guides up at the moment. These are somewhat rough and ready, but we have gone for speed rather than professionalism. In time, these will all be made more sparkly!
If there are any guides you would like to see that aren't here, please send them to me:
I will create more of these guides on an ad-hoc basis as and when the need arises.

Guides for teachers

Administering your students
Giving your students tutorials
Creating projects for your students


Authoring 1 - create a new unit
Authoring 2 - writing an introduction
Authoring 3 - creating a multiple choice exercise
Authoring 4 - creating a matching pairs exercise
Authoring 5 - creating a gap-fill exercise
Authoring 6 - creating a reordering exercise
Authoring 7 - creating a true or false exercise
Authoring 8 - creating a proofreading exercise
Authoring 9 - dealing with tables
Authoring 10 - adding audio, images or video
Authoring 11 - resizing images

Guides for administrators

Adding teachers and classes to the platform
Adding students to the platform
Updating or changing your students' records
Viewing student grades
Communicating with teachers and students online

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