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Why advertise with us?

Let's Learn English is a highly successful and world renowned English language learning resource site, very highly ranked for TEFL, TESOL, EFL and ESL material. Our site is widely advertised and promoted by others. We are placed in a top position on most search engines. Almost 90% of all new customer acquisitions come from search engine traffic, making "Let's Learn English" an ideal place to advertise.

Take a look at these statistics

Advertising that hits the mark
  • over 250,000 registered members
  • 283,000 additional guests/visitors per month
  • 120 countries represented
  • 880,000 hits per month average
  • 1,240,000 page views per month average
  • Constantly updated website brings repeat visitors

With monthly advertising available from just £100.00, advertising with us is both effective and efficient.

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